Past Activities : Education

We have taken a systematic approach to education which is a vital factor in rural development and our focus has been towards improving the quality of education and teaching imparted to rural children. We are committed to working within the governmental school system rather than setting up an alternative or parallel school system. Our focus has been on assessing the current system and ascertaining what are the areas that are most in need of help. Rather than investing in tangible hardware we have attempted to invest in software, the less glamorous but more important aspects of education including teachers training workshops, mobile libraries and mobile laboratory, organising balwadis, QAPS, adult literacy programmes, project Education - which is a study to improve the quality of education and to provide better infrastructure to schools. The foundation has started a Para Professional Social Work Course to train citizens for community welfare and to work at the grass roots level.

Recognizing that the early formative years are important we have set up balwadis (infant schools) in villages and provided toys and teaching aids for the children. The balwadis besides being a center for learning at nursery level are also providing nutritional supplementary diets to the children. The teachers of these balwadis are exposed to innovative teaching techniques by trained personnel who conduct training sessions on behalf of the foundation.

One of our innovative schemes has been to set up Mobile Libraries and Mobile Laboratories that reach village schools. Rooted in the belief that the early development of a love for reading and writing is crucial in encouraging the learning potential of a child, this scheme launched now reaches primary level schools in two districts bringing them otherwise unavailable resources. We also include resource books for teachers in these boxes of books which are rotated between schools every two weeks.

Most schools in our areas of operation do not have the facilities or infrastructure to teach science subjects effectively. Children may learn about science without ever having seen an experiment or often even a model of the human functional systems. Working with the syllabus of the secondary schools we have tried to provide some basic materials such as lab equipment, chemicals scaled models etc. so that children can have a fuller and more hands-on understanding of science.

Very recently we have initiated a novel concept to improve the quality of education by introducing our latest program called as "Project Education". We have been directing our efforts towards primary and secondary education but we are aware that our efforts are a drop in the ocean. We need to narrow down our objectives and monitor those areas that will improve the standard of education With these issues in mind we have launched an intensive study, to study the interventions in rural education. The study involves 6 schools- 4 primary and 2 secondary schools located in rural areas.

One of the efforts of Project Education is to motivate teachers and reward them with praise and recognition. Thus each school will be given a monthly allowance to be spent at their joint discretion. The teachers will be told to prioritize their needs and that of the students to improve the standard of education and that of their school. The teachers will be encouraged to suggest innovative means that will help them make better teachers and also discuss their problems and solutions.

Some Milestones

The foundation has established 11 Balwadis in its villages and as part of this effort trained 25 rural women to work with pre schoolers.

The mobile library reaches 30,000 children while the mobile laboratory is currently available to 1200 children.

As part of our infrastructure improvement, we have built a new 8 room school in Gujarat, re-roofed two schools in Maharashtra and generally contributed fans, cupboards, furniture, water containers, toilets etc. to both primary and secondary schools.

Our teacher training initiatives that attempt to reinforce teachers preparation in subjects like English and Maths has worked with over 300 teachers. Education assistance activities.
1. School Building Construction.
2. School Area Developement .
3. 10 th education.
4. Teacher Awareness.
5. Self Governance Scheme.

Past Education Activities : Ankaleshwar

1. Question Paper Answering Scheme

In our present Education system all important carrier building Examinations are taken in written form. Among this 10th, Standard SSC BOARD Examination is most crucial in a life of a student. Also rural area student writing this examination parallel to urban student. School and teacher both to keep standard of school weed out weaker students and at this stage drop out are maximum. At this stage to keep confidence and moral actual examination rehearsal is most important. This can give writing practice as well as confidence to cope examination better. Keeping this in mind with the help of well known educationist Prof.V D Pansarey we launch this project in October 1996 covering entire Ankleshwar taluka's 15 High schools approximately 2000 students provided them total sets of model question paper, Model Answers, writing materials and suitable honorarium to concern Teachers who actually participate in this project .the impact of this efforts is reflected as considerable improvement in last four consecutive years SSC results {35.67% in year 1998 and 47.09% in year 2000} .

2. Mobile Library

To cultivate cult of reading at young age is important for development of Attitude, Skill and Knowledge taking this as a guide line and following principles of Library science Books walks to the readers in free for all environment with guidance of Library science experts and feed back from Rural primary Teachers Books related to 17 subjects and suitable to age group of 7 to 17 years and reference books for Teachers were selected. A set of 250 books is kept in a metal box and delivered to Rural area Schools were Trained Teachers are available for optimum utilization of books for young students. After reading books students submit a small review of book as feed back. each 15Th Day box is replaced with new books such 15 Mobile Library Centers are in operation since August 1996 till date [ Sajod-1, Sajod-2, Juna Diva , Boidra , Ankleshwar ,Piraman , Sanjali , Panoli, Bharan , Boridra , Kosamdi , Andada , Avadar ] covering 5000 Rural students and 100 Rural primary Teachers of Ankleshwar Taluka . Each year 50 new books in each box are added on suggestions of readers.

3. Mobile Laboratory

Rural primary school don't have adequate facilities for conducting science subject related experiments which is Important segment of science education, looking at this deficiency in Rural education. We launched this project with feedback and suggestion from rural area science teachers. We procured all needed equipment, apparatuses, and consumables put it into a metal box. We had provided required refresher training to all concern teachers and launched this project in August 1999 covering 4 rural primary school [Nave Kaiser, Andada, Avadar, Sajod] of Ankleshwar Taluka covering 500 students. Looking at success of this project Ankleshwar Taluka panchayat introduce such 60 boxes to remaining school, and Ankleshwar industries launched Mobile education van, even today our Mobile laboratory box Is hot favourite of teachers and students .we replenish the consumable each week and despatch box to next school.

4. Special Rural Education Project

To under stand and give need base help to improve Rural area education we launch this project in August 1999,covering one primary and one secondary school were dedicated and hard working, co-operative teaching was available. Open heart dissuasion with teachers and village Heads understand the actual problems. Findings solutions within the village and providing small amount each month to school {Rs 500/-} for catering basic needs of schools and evaluating improvement. Bringing positive points to attention of Taluka Education officer. Village Hajat Taluka Ankleshwar both School are showing good improvement in education.

5. Sponsering of Taluka & District & State Level Science Fair and Educational Events

We encourage District level talents development activities regularly. 1999 Bharuch District Yuva PratibhaShodh. Extra curricula & cultural activities all Prizes were sponsored by Gujarat Insecticides Ltd-Ankleshwar. This event was held at Zenith High school-Ankleshwar.In 2000. We sponsored all winners prizes for sports meet of Agricultural schools held at Navsari. For year 2001-2 Ankleshwar Taluka Primary schools Science fair Total winners in all Nine segments of science faire ( 9 X 3 = 27 ) Prizes are being sponsor by us and 36 Rural area Each Primary school shall get minimum suggested Rs.151. amount to prepare best scientific models for participation in Science fair.

6. School Sanitation Project

Lack of proper sanitation facilities in Rural primary school is one of the major causes for girl students drop out at primary level. Equally for female teacher also this is important facility needed. Understanding this fact we took up this project for Hansot Taluka Girls populated 12 Primary schools ( Dhamrad, Balota, Parvat, Valner, Rohid, Ramnagar, Shera, Vamleshwar, Katpor, Chilodra, Badodara, and Ambheta ) in association with .Environmental Sanitation Institute-Ahmedabad. We think this is most important part to serve educational need for female students and teachers.

7. Modern School Building

In year 1998 Gharda foundation has constructed well-equipped modern School building at village Bharan of Ankleshwar Taluka and handed over to district education department.

8. School Adolescent Education Program

In year 2005-06 we had implemented a unique program addressing Adolescent issues of younger generation sponsored by Gujarat State AIDS Control Society Ahmedabad. In this program we have covered 37 secondary schools, 5239 students, and 440 teachers of Ankleshwar taluka. With this program we had created participation while leaning in school environment about most delicate and sensitive issues of Sex Education to our new generation.

9. Assistance to Secondary Schools

As a supporting hand to various education related new initiations this year we had supported local secondary school E.N.Ginwala Higher School by providing PA system to for day to day use.

10. Toy Bank

Toys are playing important role in all-round development of children understanding this importance we had handed over Toys to 4 Aganvadis of our project villages, and also collected number of toys from the GIDC residential area and distributed to another 11 Aganvadies of Ankleshwar Taluka with the help of Ankleshwar Taluka Integrated Child Development Scheme Department.

11. Special Olympics for Mentally Retarded Students

Generally Olympics games are organized for physically fit and strong sportsman but Kalrav Charitable trust Bharuch has decided to organized such events for mentally retarded children and to support their noble cause we had supported their program with financial assistance and moral support.

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