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T he Gharda Foundation was created in 1996 as a non-profit philanthropic organization dedicated to Rural Development in India. The foundation is a private NGO,administered by a Board of Six Trustees and works extensively in the Indian states of Gujarat and Maharashtra. Created with a generous donation of Rs 2 crores (approx. $450000) from Gharda Chemicals Ltd.the foundation relies on both private and governmental sources of funding for its activities.

A small and relatively new NGO, the foundation is already well established with a staff of approximately 50 full time and part time workers. We also run a fully staffed 20 bed rural hospital that are also engaged in public health outreach into inaccessible areas.

Village development committe School children

O ur over riding philosophy is one of participative development. We strive to make villagers self reliant and feel ownership of projects that are implemented. No project is undertaken if we cannot secure equal participation and contribution from villagers. Despite our size we are also committed to holistic development. We believe that we cannot realize rural development if we focus on any one issue to the exclusion of others. For example it is meaningless to talk about developing hygiene and sanitation if villagers have insufficient drinking water!

W e have concentrated our efforts on health education & Microfinance ralated activities with focus on women.
Village development committe School children
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