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O ne of the major objectives of the foundation has been the empowerment of women and children as a means to raise the standard of living of the family and secure the future. Hence we have encouraged women to form Women's groups, Small Savings Groups, trained them in Income Generation activities and Micro Credit activities.



M ost villages do have at least one balwadi but either due to issues of distance, caste and parental negligence are often underutilised. Recognizing that the early formative years are important we have set up balwadis in 11 foundation's villages and provided toys and teaching aids for the children. The balwadis besides being a center for learning at nursery level are also providing nutritional supplementary diets to the children. The teachers of these balwadis are exposed to innovative teaching techniques by trained personnel who conduct training sessions on behalf of the foundation.

Children's Playschool Women's group


(a) Women's Group

T he purpose of a women’s group is multifarious- it provides access to us to talk with women about other projects and issues such as health, nutrition, sanitation etc. A women’s group is formed in a village covering all segments of society and they are trained in techniques, suitable to their requirements. At present the women are trained in sewing and production of Natural Fiber articles. We have conducted women’s rights awareness programmes and legal laws for redressal of women’s grievances.

(b) Small Savings Group

W ith the commencement of income generation activities women in the adopted villages have started their regular savings. They have formed two Self Help Groups (SHG) which have been in existence from the past 8 months and one of the groups is covered under the SGSY ( Suvarna-Jayanti Gram Swa-Rojgar Yojana ) scheme of the government and other SHG scheme.

(c) Income Generation Activities

A s a means to enhance women’s earning power which has a direct relationship to their status and position within their household and raises their standard of living we have been training women in various income generation activities such as pappad making, aggarbatti,potato wafers, natural fiber articles, snack center, poultry, Laundry and card making. This has helped them earn additional income from sale of these articles.

Jute making for Income generation Sewing and Tailoring

Some Milestones..........

I n keeping with our mission of the empowerment of most neglected segment of the Indian population- Women-we undertook the major activity of providing women a means to increase their standard of living. We started major income generation activities and trained women in manufacture of pappad, aggarbattis, natural fiber articles and hand painted cards. The women under the guidance of our social workers have formed their own women's group who go from door to door selling their products, and have also set up a shop to sell the items. The income generation activities have been the significant achievement for the foundation as we have helped the women in substantiating their household income.

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