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W e welcome applications for a limited number of internships with the Foundation. Interns will be expected to work and live at one of our rural locations in either Gujarat or Maharashtra.

I n Gujarat we are headquartered in the small industrial town of Ankleshwar which is connected by train and road services. Our areas of operation are within an hour's drive of Ankleshwar off the main highways. This is a semi-arid zone where villagers struggle to meet water needs. Compared to much of India, the villagers here are better off - most children do go to school, most families do own land or have industrial jobs. Life is however traditional bound and the practices of caste and segregation govern daily living. Women are a subjugated group- bound to the chores or childcare, gathering fuel and water and helping in the fields during sowing and harvest. Lively and optimistic they are colorful and gregarious groups who truly hold the family together.

Tree Plantation Scenic view of Maharashtra's ghats

I n Maharashtra our offices are in the town of Chiplun which recently was connected to the national railways. The nearest airport is in Bombay a 6-hour car ride away. This is a lush mountaineer region of India nestled in the Western Ghats and the beginning of the Shayadri range. Villages here comprise of little hamlets - often segregated by caste and religion- that are located of mountainsides. These hamlets are often remote yet comprises the administrative unit of a single village with a single local governing body (the panchayat). Although poor the villagers are often educated and largely literate and place great emphasis on education. Like their other Indian sisters they are a repressed group but women here often take leadership roles and controversial positions.

O ur cluster of villages is located with 45 minute of Chiplun except for Dhammni, which is nearly 2 hour away. We are also fortunate to have the resources of the foundationís hospital located in Lote, which is also the location of our housing complex.

W e welcome participation from individuals interested in rural development issues, public health and medicine, careers in non profit organizations as well as those interested in learning more about India and the Indian society.

I nternships will be tailored to meet the needs/ interests of the participants as well as the needs of the Foundation. We are fortunate in being able to offer prospective internís PRIVATE, SAFE and ACCESSIBLE housing at Gharda Chemicals housing societies that are self contained and corporately maintained apartment blocks. All interns will be placed under the direct supervision of our Managing Trustee Dr. Sonya Mehta, who has considerable experience in working with students, before returning to India to head the Gharda Foundation. Dr. Mehta was a dean of the undergraduate college at Bryn Mawr College, Pa, USA and worked extensively with students of various cultures. We anticipate that interns will have a hands on, in-depth experience with working in a rural society while contributing their enthusiasm and experiences to our projects.

I f you are interested in learning more about how you can get involved contact us at intern@ghardafoundation.org or write to us at the following address:

Regd. Office Address
The Gharda Foundation
C/o Gharda Chemicals Ltd
5/6 Jer Mansion,
W.P.Varde Marg, Off Turner Road.
Bandra (W)
Mumbai 400 050

Tel: +91 22 6422346/6418967/6402415
Fax : +91 22 6404224/ 6514313

Email: mailto:webmaster@ghardafoundation.org



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