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Agricultural Awareness

( A ) Awareness :   Through visit of experts and proper extension work , farmers of our Village Development projects are become aware about new Techniques of Agricultural Management and Farm practices . which motivates our farmers for Training .

( B ) Training :   With help of our own and Gujarat Agricultural University’s experts we impart required training to our farmers on various innovative and modern farm practices which creates motivation for farmers to look beyond their village boundaries .

( C ) Exposure :   Having awareness and training now farmers are given exposure field visits to specific locations within and out side state to get actual feel of modern technology which builds up their confidence for innovative new crops and methods .

( D ) New Crop Introduction :   During last 12 years we had introduced several new crops to our project area and which was, composite paddy plantation, horticulture crops, Teak plantation, parsley plantation, Jetrofa plantation, Soybeans and new sugar variety crops.

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